The Four Buying Styles

four brain styles

Trendsetter • Relater • Coordinator • Investigator

The Four Buying Styles help identify who you are as a buyer, and characterize the DNA of your brand. A sound branding strategy is vital to the success of your products and services. Through the BrainBranding process you can easily demonstrate the value of your business products and services time after time.

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The Brains Behind BrainBranding

Robyn Winters and Ken Banks

Robyn Winters

Robyn combines branding and marketing with the science of Whole Brain™ thinking, making every brand and message memorable.

Ken Banks

Ken has 30 years of retail marketing experience specializing in helping companies develop effective brand strategies.

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Robyn and Ken bring BrainBranding to NSA Speakers Academy

Robyn Winters and Ken Banks will be presenting their updated BrainBranding seminar to the National Speakers Association Central Florida’s Speakers Academy on September 21 at the Sheraton Hotel in Tampa. Robyn and Ken have recently updated the program to provide even more value to speakers and consultants who want to improve their brand. The interactive seminar is based on their book–BrainBranding. Activate the Brain…Stimulate Your Brand as well as The Manual which has recently been published. The attendees will walk through the steps necessary to develop a brand that resonates with all of the four brain’s buying styles and will include an on-the-spot demonstration of how the system can work for one of the attendees.revised

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Robyn and Ken featured in New National Speakers Association Book

Robyn Winters and Ken Banks are contributing authors to the new professional speakers reference book, Speak More, recently published by the National Speakers Association. It’s available on Amazon/Kindle and features marketing tips from 33 of NSA best speaker marketers. Here’s the description from Amazon. BrainBranding reaches out!
SPEAK MORE! PROVIDES CUTTING-EDGE, ROAD-TESTED, AND COMMONSENSE MARKETING STRATEGIES TO HELP PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS ACHIEVE THEIR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES. Thirty-three members of the National Speakers Association (NSA), including renowned business experts, authors, and marketing gurus, share their sage advice for setting yourself apart from the competition. Whether you peruse the table of contents to find topics that pique your interest or read the book from cover to cover, you’ll discover real-life experiences describing what works and what doesn’t to effectively promote your business, brand, products, and services, and to grow your bottom line. LEARN FROM THE BEST AS YOU READ HOW TO: • Develop a strong personal brand • Get the most out of networking and public relations e orts • Publish a book to propel you from a speaker to an expert • Achieve a professional appearance to enhance your brand • Harness the power of social media • Create a do-it-yourself video • Launch your own radio show • Turn cold calls into hot new prospects • Snag and prepare for media interviews in your field • Optimize mobile marketing with QR codes • Go global with your message • And much more! Speak More! is tailored for keynote speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers, authors, and anyone seeking to expand the reach of their message. Many of the proven methods require little or no monetary investment, yet they provide big payoffs, including increased revenues and opportunities to speak more!
To order on Amazon, just Click HERE

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Book signing at Business and Professional Women /Florida Annual State conference

Ken and Robyn at BPW/FL Annual Meeting Book Signing in Tampa

Robyn and Ken attend annual conference in Tampa and sign books for more than 100 business and professional women who attended at the Sheraton Riverside in Tampa. The Manual for BrainBranding will be off the presses in the next couple weeks and there was a lot of interest in buying both books from those visiting our booth.

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Book Signing at CRMC a Success

Robyn signs a BrainBranding book for one of the attendees at the welcome reception.

Ken and Robyn discuss BrainBranding with Roundtable participants.

Attended by nearly 600 marketing executives, this year’s CRMC conference at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, provided an excellent venue to spread the word about BrainBranding. In addition to a book signing at the welcome reception, Robyn and Ken facilitated a round-table discussion with several retail executives who were interested in expanding their brand strategy and reaching more customers.


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BrainBranding® Meets CRM

Ken and Robyn have been invited to conduct a book signing and round-table discussion at this year’s CRMC in Chicago on May 30 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  The annual conference brings together the top experts in Customer Relationship Marketing, including suppliers of the later technology in database and customer management.  BrainBranding® provides information on how to expand the reach of target market programs to develop more customers and help the messages appeal to more customers based on their buying styles.   Visit the CRMC site for more details.

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BrainBranding for Advertising Agencies

Ken & Robyn recently conducted a half-day seminar for MCAN (Marketing Communications and Advertising Network), a group of ad agency CEOs and executives in St. Augustine, FL. Titled “Create Successful Client Campaigns Through BrainBranding,” this interactive workshop helped agencies to understand not only how their clients use their brains in making buying decisions, but also how their clients base is comprised of four different Buying Styles. The group was enthusiastic about this innovative way to grow their businesses while continuing to build client loyalty.


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