How To Learn More About BrainBranding?

Ken Banks

Organizations, associations, and individuals will gain greater knowledge about BrainBranding and how it can improve their brand and brand strategy, through the following ways:


Robyn Winters and Ken Banks deliver dynamic, interactive keynote presentations that will captivate their audiences. Understanding buying styles has robust applications to companies, their brands, and their target markets. Audience members will begin to learn about their own thinking styles, and apply that insight to all their business and personal interactions.


Robyn Winters

BrainBranding workshops provide opportunities for individual brand development and greater depth of knowledge about the BrainBranding process. Workshops are offered in half-day or full-day formats, and can include the following:

  • The development of a brain-based Personal Brand
  • The development of a brain-based Company Brand
  • A long-term strategy that promotes market penetration and growth

Breakout Sessions

As part of a conference, convention or large meeting, breakout sessions deliver targeted, specific information about BrainBranding in a more concise format. These sessions are packed with information and activities that are customized to your business, and that drive home the value of BrainBranding.