What is BrainBranding?

BrainBranding is a revolutionary process for brand development that mirrors the way your brain’s 4 different thnking preferences influence and drive the buying decision of your clients and customers.

Using the 4-step BrainBranding process, you will sharpen your branding focus, develop more meaningful client/customer relationships, and generate more sales.

4-step Brain Branding Process

Robyn Winters and Ken Banks have collaborated to create an innovative branding approach that blends practical marketing expertise with brain-based communication strategies. This dynamic combination results in a brand that:

  1. Has universal appeal to all buying styles
  2. Drive client & customers to your brand
  3. Remains in the minds and hearts of our market
  4. Increases sales to improve your bottom line

BrainBranding ensures that the people who do business with you completely understand what your brand delivers, which means that they can easily distinguish your brand from the competition. Incorporateing the BrainBranding process into your branding and marketing strategy produces the following positive results:

  • A brand that activates consumer buying styles
  • A brand that has longevity
  • A brand that increases sales and your bottom line

Brain-based processes – and initiatives – are on the cutting edge of contemporary business. It’s time to Activate the Brain and Stimulate Your Brand!